Who is Leticia?

... That is nice to ask.

Leticia is a girl and doesn’t think her age changes what is beautiful and what is not.

She listens at stories and always gets the side of her hand dirty when she holds a pencil.

Leticia likes things that have an inside. Imperfections that are only such because they tell a story that is left unseen. Toys that can be filled with love. The smell of summer nights and the sound of starlight. Things that can be broken. Moments that are places. People who are homes. Books older than her. And  things that are not things.

Leticia feels too old and too young, and has a sense of innocence.

She treasures every second with her family.

Leticia owns a broken heart. And knows that the ones who think monsters don’t exist are just the ones who don’t check properly under their beds.