11 mayo, 2013

Supernatural: Mjölnir has really high (hair) standards

And more notebook doodles!
If you have watched the 8th season of Supernatural you know what I am talking about in here.

this should be an OTP

I am praying to Chuck that he secretly kept it and that at some point in the next season he opens Baby’s trunk and dramatically raises it in the air frying all the enemies around and leaving Dean and Cas (and hopefully Crowley) absolutely impressed. And I know I am not alone here!
C’mon he is the Winchester that normally handles the cool gory ligthsaber weapon.

Until next time,
☆ Leticia
little edit:
Someone in my Deviantart account just commented "SAM WINCHES-THOR!!!". I like it.
... And allow me to insist in my point about the hair.

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