03 mayo, 2013

Supernatural: beautiful

One of my notebook doodles.
I am posting some pics of my sketches and WIPs on Facebook, and my friends particularly liked this one.
I have been back in the Supernatural kick lately. I really, really like the show, even though I don’t think it is as good as it was up until season 6 anymore. Part of the reason is that the writers have not been doing a good job with Castiel (and don’t get me started with season 8 Sammy…), I think they are having trouble dealing with something as big as an angel without messing with him. So I feel the need of reminding him that he is simply beautiful.

a kiss on the tip of the nose

I find it a little frustrating that not even the fans seem to give much space to the possibility of Cas growing in grace and innocence, which I believe contradicts his fierce loyalty (God approved) to his main angelic command of treasuring and cherishing his beloved father’s dear creation. It is also weird how the angels are progressively portrayed as deprived of that quality (a little hinted back with Samadriel though...).
Nevertheless, Castiel may be a mess now, but he is still so beautiful. And I love ties, they are the most teasing male fashion accessory.
Take care,
☆ Leticia

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