14 abril, 2013

Impressions V

Yesterday I went with my dear friends to a wonderful tea shop.
I had wanted to go there for a while now since it is the place from where all the unexpected tea blends around my city come from. This place smells like a close drawer full of stories.
Here I am sharing with you the tea I chose: the Blue Lady
it has a serene fruity scent and a passionate flavour, like a long expected sunny day 
It is a Ceylan black, blended with petals of safflower, blue corn flowers and yellow sunflowers.
I also tried my friends' tea choices (we always try eachother's food, they are that amazing) and they all were beautiful. Not to mention the freshmade fruit scones with cream and marmalade.
I can't wait to go back!
I am going to take this postt as a chance to share something I should have posted a while ago as a thank you to the person who gave it to me. This is a picture of the first rose I got from the sun light rose bush I got from my sister when I moved in my house.
it has that  shade oflight yellow that seems to glow under soft light

I take the chance to mention that I have been drawing again out of pure delight. Maybe some of the sketechs will make it here.
Take care,
ღ Leticia

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