08 enero, 2013

My Little Pony IV

This is the pony I made for my friend Elyse.

She loves water for all the reasons I find it alien, so her pony had to be a sea pony. And it had to be full of shinny and colourful things because… well, because it is Elyse, and because we share the liking for glittery stuff.
I see this pony as an underwater treasure hunter, who might or might not work with the people on the surface, sometimes recovering lost treasures and sometimes just keeping them for herself. But it is up to Elyse who she is.

For the design, I took inspiration on the Fancy Mermaid Ponies (year 10) more than on the Sea Ponies themselves… And then I made her more hippocampus-like. The body follows a G4-like proportion but it is not pearly. The eyes come from the Twinkle Eyed ponies of the year 5 but, again, it would be more sincere to say that they come from Fizzy (plus her powers over bubbles suit a water theme very well). The multicoloured mane, which is unusual in my “ponifications”, comes from the colours in which Elyse herself likes to dye her hair. Her cutie mark is inspired in the G1 Sparkler (and, can’t be helped, the FiM Rarity). The makeup echoes the one in the G3 variants.

Oh! And the shell of the necklace have air inside, which allows it to be used as a sign with the surface.

And this is the pony profile filled by Elyse: 

Owner: Elyse
Pony name: Míriel (in Tolkien's Quenya)
Birthday: January 10th
Favourite colour: Silver
Favourite flower: Pancratium Zeylanicum, known as ‘Sea Daffodil’ or ‘Rain Flower’
Favourite thing to do: Get into mischief

Until next time,
ღ Leticia
Art © me
Character’s design © me
My Little Pony © Hasbro
My friends who inspire the ponies here © themselves

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