02 diciembre, 2012

Tempus Adventus

Today we start the period of Advent, the Adventus Redemptoris.

gold is certainly something amazing
it acknowledges the most imperceptible spark of light and turns it into glow

I have been wanting to draw my own Advent wreath for a while without success, I have the sketch done but I never managed to get the time I will need to perform it on date. I am afraid this year is not going to be the exception,  even though I want to draw some things during my Christmas break; so let this be my first candle of Avent, named the candle of Expectation, Hope or Prophecy. Christmas is my favourite time of the year...

This wonderful glass Christmas tree is a picture I took with my cellphone in Mdina, Malta.

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

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