03 diciembre, 2012

Impressions II

This October I was very lucky and had the chance to have a practical lecture on Greek vases in a an important museum (our awesome professor arranged it). I had the chance to touch original pieces, examine carefully the painting and learn how to manipulate them.
Oh, and one of my observations on one of them was documented (not a big deal, but it was exciting).
They allowed me to take some pictures with my phone of part of the material when we were done:

my favourite one of these was the tiny alabaster one that looks somehow Egyptian
it seemed to glow!

the one at the top left is a water game

the beautiful attic black-glazed kylix has a "bell" inside. nobody knows why

this is a white-ground lekythos with a funerary scene
very valuable and extremely fragile

That was a really interesting day. And I had a big train-adventure on my way there!

Until next time,
ღ Leticia

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