25 septiembre, 2012

Colourful clothes pegs

I am posting this in spite of my little graphic management resources at the moment because it is an absolute waste if I don't show these little guys before the use (maybe) damages them. And I am so using them!

This is the goodbye present I got from Virginia before leaving:

that's my clothes pegs´ bag under them
She painted all my wooden clothes pegs so, even the smaller details of my house, can be colourful. Aren't they beautiful?

aren't they beautiful?
I know these are not the best pictures (it is a Blackberry + Photoshop Elements work + dull screen work) but even here their careful and detailed work shows clearly.
 It gives a whole new feeling to peg the clothes clothes, clip papers or close packages doing it with them.
Take care,

ღ Leticia

2 comentarios:

Virginia Cortina dijo...

Me hace tanta ilusión verlo aquí *^^*

Leticia dijo...

Un placer :).