18 julio, 2012

The little prince: ephemeral

I thought about this the other night that I could not sleep because there was a monster under my bed.

The beauty of a happy ending is that it is absolutely needless.

The world, home of all the horrors that can be imagined, can go on without our happiness. The beauty of a
 happy ending is that it requires us to make our lives a home for it, fill them with sense and meaning, and even then, it is needless.
That’s the beauty we often forget, thinking of a happy ending as a must, or even finding it boring or predictable.

I would think this is cruel thing to draw (and it would go against my policy of not drawing anything that might call upon the dark thoughts) if it wasn’t a very valid possibility for the story.

Because we never know if he really makes it back to his asteroid. Because we are never told what happens to the rose after he leaves. Because ephemeral is a very, very grave word. Because the fact that the little prince learns to treasure the rose (notice his scarf resembles a fox tail) doesn’t erase the fact that he left her alone.

What if the little prince manages through the miracle of coming back… Only to realize that leaving had consequences?

It always surprises me how easily is taken for granted the happy ending for these two. It is something that lies hidden in the stars of the story... The possibility of a happy ending needs to be treasured because it might not happen. And, after all that happens through the tale, that is terrifying.
Just think... How much would the story change if it finished the way it does here?

That's why I choose the butterflies from all the possible dangers the rose might have to face, because I believe in the connection of sense between the prince and his princedom.

Until next time.
God bless,

ღ Leticia

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