01 mayo, 2011

♥ My Little Pony III

Hello everyone!

Here I come again with one of the editions on my old pony desings. Expect something completely different for the next post.

* Virginia's pony:

This pony belongs to Virginia. Since she can't decide on a name for it I am calling her Nocturne Melody.
Originally, this pony was derivate from the Summer Wing and Flutter Wing ponies (years 4 and 6) but it evolved differently, even incorporating some Sparkle Ponies’ (year 7) features and a glittering gem like the Brush&Grow ones (year 7). As a whole it makes a quite eclectic pony, probably the one most influenced by the newest toys of this set of designs (tiny body, face shape, symbol density, symbol in the ankle and the eye, etc.).
It was a lot of fun to overdo all the details.

Until next time,

Art © me
Character’s design © me
My Little Pony © Hasbro
My friends who inspired the ponies here © themselves

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