23 febrero, 2011

SMSing 

Many people post sketches of their work, doodles they do during class or similar things.
I m extremely prolific in those terms, but I hardly ever feel comfortable showing that kind of work around. I am going to make a little effort…

I am not a technified person. I do pretty good with technology and I have a thing for finding out how things work but I don’t like the thought of technical devices mediating my experiences. I’m more the face to face, touch, kind of person. That’s why, many times, instead of sending SMSs I draw my message on a piece of paper or a post it, I take a picture of it with my cell phone and I send it instead.

I thought you might enjoy two of my most recent drawings:

I drew this one to cheer up someone who I knew was having a hard time at that moment (I photoshoped out the text). It is me sending a big big hug.

A few days ago, Virginia had a dream involving a Winged Monkey. It wasn’t a nice dream and, as I take kind of personally anything related to the Wicked Witch of the West (having played her while I was at school), I thought I could give the whole thing a nice turn. I might make a vector out of it.

Until next time,

2 comentarios:

Tonk dijo...

Love the... batmonkey?... monkeybat? Nice and cute ;)

RdT Studio dijo...

Technically "Winged Monkey", from the Wizard of Oz ;) .

Un gusto verte por aquí.