15 diciembre, 2010

El toro de Zeus

Toro, serpiente, hiedra y vino

Dionisio, Dionysus or Diwonusojo (Dionysoio), the two times born. The one who walks though mists of the Invisible Place and, yet, sits on the place of the Fire that Warms on the high Olympus. Lord of the zoé, the irreducible life; life on its stronger state, which is also its crudest. God of or that enigmatic state where life is found in death and where life implies death, of that very special putrefaction called fermentation.

This is a quick illustration of one of my favourite gods of the Greek pantheon.

I am sure that the most of my readers have ever seen a Greek crater. If you have ever paid attention at their bottom, you can often find one of these two things: the head of a gorgon (as a remainder of mortality) or Dionysus on a boat (he is an infectious wandering god). But there’s a third thing you can find of which we had only a very few pieces left: the god’s eyes. Now, think of it: you are drinking while he is staring at you from the bottom of your own cup...
I draw Dionysus a lot, but I began to doodle this thinking of those eyes, whose stare I wanted to hold. I think that is why he came out slightly different from how I usually draw him (his lower maxilla is incredibly sharp…).

Until next time,
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