18 agosto, 2010

Supernatural keychains ☆

I wanted to update with something before going on vacation (because I still have a lot of things but I'm too busy with my paper), so this is the keychain set I made as a present for the Supernatural cast attending to the convention I went a few months ago.

Jared Padaleki

He is such a nice guy! He makes you feel so welcomed when you are around him. Jared liked the keychain quite a lot (he was very surprised when my sister told him that I did the whole of it) and giggled shyly at the sight of the gigantic hamburger.

Jensen Ackles
Quite a distant man... He did not seem to be having much fun getting so much attention but laughed at his portrait, the “teh-hee” kind of laugh I never thought truly existed.

Jim Beaver
He is a really nice and caring man! The signing lines for him where always the longest because he dedicated a lot of time to each person.
Since I couldn’t decide on how to portray him (I almost went for the cowboy look) I decided on drawing him as Bobby as he has said several times how much he likes the character; Jim said I hit the bull’s eye on that, making me really happy.

Misha Collins
Misha seemed to like my keychain the most. We had an interesting conversation first and then he dedicated a while to my present, he concentrated so much in no missing any detail that made me blush. And he did get every detail and in-joke on it (even the yogurt!), and complimented me on my attention to detail.

Samantha Ferris
I didn’t know much about Sam then, but I love Ellen. She’s the only female character that stands on her own strenght, has her own space and weight on the show (almost every other female is a love interest or merely a pretty face). That’s why I drew her as Ellen.
After meeting her in person I know exactly what I would draw. She’s an impressive woman! And way more beautiful than what the cameras give away.
à Sam's twit about this keychain

These are the cut-outs of the pictures before laminating them:

And here you have the final result!

(evil flash...)

They came out better than I expected and I felt a bit sorry to gave them away after having them hanging on my own keychain for two days.

☆ Like them?
I won’t make anymore keychains of them (what is the point of making a present especially for someone if you re going to be selling duplicates of it?) but I might make resin stickers of them this year, so if you are interested make sure to tell me!

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

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Amber dijo...

Nice! They all look wonderful! Personally I never got into watching supernatural, but that's still awesome! I would love to be able to meet some of my favorite TV show actors. I would probably plan on making them fan art and then give up or not get it done in time T_T haha, I feel so awkward trying to draw fan art of real human people rather than already anime characters.

I'm so glad they liked them!

RdT Studio dijo...

Thank you! I had a lot of fun drawing them.

It took me a while to take interest on the show because when I heard of it I thought that it was some sort of Buffy thing but with two brothers, but I think it is way better.

The con was quite an experience! I even found it hard to speak to them at first at the panels because I had the unconscious feeling that I was still watching them in my TV or PC. I normally don't have much personal interest on the actors of the characters I like as I keep them in separate fields. But I was attracted to the conventions thought the YouTube videos of them because it looked like the guys were really nice and interesting. And it was really great! I’m just sad the staff didn’t allow them to walk around freely if they wanted.
Ah, and I almost didn't finish them on time because I spent the most of my time working on my paper. Also the printing gave me a lot of trouble and that's why I decided to do it all myself.

Oh! It is the opposite for me. It makes me feel weird to draw someone else's character but I love making portraits of people, not in the realistic way, but as selecting important characteristics of people and placing them meaningfully (like with the pony I designed for you).

Rain dijo...

Love your work you should update dts. please ( big shiny eyes and puppy dog pouts). FYI i'm ShadowDancer89 on deviantART.

RdT Studio dijo...

Ah! Thank you. Nice to see someone of DA following me here :) .
And, as a little price for you, a secret: I'm actually shading the next Down The Street page right now ;) .