12 julio, 2010

✒La iglesia enterrada

(The buried chuch)

This is something I drew last summer after visiting Skagen, Denmark.
It is a beautiful place. And it has the best seafood I have ever had outside of Spain (and that’s saying a lot of their seafood).

In Skagen I visited a buried church (Den tilsandende Kirke). Its bell tower is white and stands beautifully out of the dunes; I am sure that it must look beautiful in the full moon nights.
The thought of a buried chuck sounds eerie and charming to me. In Spain we have several sunken churches –some of them with their bell tower still standing out of the water- and there are lots of legends and sayings about them. Some of my favourite ones are about the bells tolling on their own (generally during the night) as some kind of omen, and the more rare ones about underwater processions on special dates that can be seen in the night thanks to the ghost lights carried by the mysterious pilgrims. This made me wonder about what kind of stories could be told about a buried church…

Until next time,

ღ Leticia

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