20 junio, 2010

Primrose and Azure

Hello everyone!

Some news: I have a few things to post on the following days if my paper leaves me enough time. Also, I will be changing the blog’s layout a bit (I’ve been wanting to that for a while now, but the new blogger options are going to be very helpful); thank you blogger!).

I am starting by posting this two sketches because otherwise Amber will have the very right to be mad at me since it’s been laying around my table for about six months without me being able to do something decent with it. I am a dirty sketcher, but at least I can show you the idea I was working with:

My on-line friend Amber Young designed a cool character based on me for her made up universe of White Skies, a chivalrous princess called Primrose that liked to disguise herself and go around the kingdom doing heroic deeds. I liked the concept a lot (how couldn’t I?), so I decided to draw a pic of her with Amber’s main character, Azure. As I began to sketch -starting with Primrose as wanted to experiment with her wing themed outfit- I was surprised to find that the drawing was coming out in an Utena like style. I guess it was a subconscious association.

(here is she)

I liked how she looked like, so I tried to draw Azure in that way too, but there is where I messed it. The lack of flesh that characterizes the Utena designs proved itself unsuitable (in my level of skill, of course) for the pose I was aiming to and I couldn’t get myself to finish it in a way I liked.
The idea was Azure (who is a skilled thief) trying to steal something from Primrose. Primrose might not realize having her money robbed (Azure is a pro after all), but I am certain that if Azure had set her eyes on Primrose, the princess must be in possession of something more interesting than golden coins. I remember from the first drafts of the White Skies stories that Amber lend me to read (it was called Kaleidoscope back then) that Azure likes valuable swords, so I designed a cool sword Azure might want and gave it to Primrose: the Prism Sword (wing themed as Prim’s outfit and colour related in a universe where the characters stand after colours). And Primrose will so notice if someone even touched her valuable dear heroic sword (because I would).

The pic was meant to show the instant on which a clueless Primrose instinctively reacts to someone touching her sword without really knowing what's going on: a surprised Azure that, after stealing her bag, went as far as to untie the belt holding the scabbard.

Me posting this is a kind of give up on finishing the drawing, but hope you like the idea anyway Amber!


2 comentarios:

Amber dijo...

Thank you so much ;u; I love the picture, so I really am glad it's not destined to a life on a desk being unnoticed <3 I'm glad you like primrose (ah, now I want do do more with her)

I love the alterations you made to primrose's outfit, and I LOVE her sword. Azure would definitely want to get it just so she could fawn over it all day and show it off whenever she could. Oh thank you so much ;____;

RdT Studio dijo...

I’m really glad you like it. I like pictures that make me thing about stories for them the best.
(I’d love to see more drawings of her =P )

Primrose is so much fun to draw. And I toyed a bit with Azure’s outfit too…

I designed the sword after some Renaissance double edged ones that, apparently, are the most suitable for me at fencing given the length/weight/sharpness relation. And it’s a mystic sword! (you can name something as “prism” without giving it powers) but I don’t know what it does exactly.