30 junio, 2010

✒ Making this look pretty

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed I’m fixing the blog’s looks.
I have wanted to do that for a while and the new blogger resources are helping a lot (thank you guys!). However, it is still far away for what I’m looking for (too cold…) and I have to make many adjustments in previous posts to match the new layout nicely, so expect more changes.

I am working in the bits of free time I have, so I can’t do anything really fast. During that time you might experience some inconveniences with the navigation, sorry about that in advance.
I'll love to hear your opinions about the changes so far if you have the time.


ღ Leticia

2 comentarios:

Amber dijo...

It looks nice! Of course it's not done yet, but I like the background and the overall light feel.

Good luck with everything! I know I'm still not quite happy with mine, so I hope you get it to where you're satisfied.

While you're messing with things, might I recommend looking up Disqus for comments like on my blog? They make comment replyable which is super nice.

RdT Studio dijo...

Thank you!
I changed it a lot lately though... as much as I love the blue/sky themes I think that those colours eat up a bit the ones of my drawings (that should be the protagonists after all).

The hard part is that I don't know how to program what I want to do and that I don't know what to do with what I manage to program. But I like

Oh! About the comments, I'd love to do that. I have wanted to put something like that here for a while I’m just holding because I’m not fond of how it looks like and because I don’t know what it would do to the previous comments I have. I have to take the time to read the web FAQ/Help one of these days.