14 abril, 2009

Vital Sign

Hello everyone!

I've been quite busy lately at work so my plans for this blog keep on being postponed. However, I expect to get some time in the following months to make the changes I wanted for this site (you can see some already but I wanted to toy a bit with the template and it happens to be quite different from the ones I'm used to manipulate) and to submit some works I want to finish.

I'm specially looking forward showing you some of my Fairy Tale works, which was one of the original purposes of this site, but you will have a big bunch of sketches too.


- Leticia

2 comentarios:

Isabella dijo...

I'm looking forward to see your Fairy tale works!

RdT Studio dijo...

To Isabella:

Thank you very much, I hope not dissapointing you. It is funny because fairy tales and myths are my most preferent drawing topics, but I never post them because I'm rarelly satisfied with the result.