27 diciembre, 2008

The Black Hen Rider

Fake page of the book “The Goblins of the Labyrinth”
by Brian Froud and Terry Jones, portraying a goblin of my own (me as a goblin in fact, I drew it in answer to a “DA meme’s question). The text is full of freak official references about the goblin universe for proper integration’s sake (coherence is fun!), so you might enjoy it if you are a Henson/Froud freak.

This is one of those occasions on which I’m really sorry about the watermark.

The lineart was made with pencil and the colouring with Photshop 7 as practice of fake watercolour.

- Disclaimer & copyright:

Art and character © me
Character’s concept and design © me
Milk-Goblin © Silent-Lands
The Labyrinth, it's concepts and references © Henson and Froud
Labyrinth Worm © Henson and Froud.


2 comentarios:

Virginia dijo...

Oficialmente, me erijo como presidenta del club de fans de este gran personaje 8)

RdT Studio dijo...

Ante la ausencia de oposición al respecto ¡se aprueba la moción!