16 noviembre, 2007


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  • ME:
I haven’t had any schooling in the field of artwork but I deeply enjoy my explorations and I don't pretend anything else. It is just that, like every other child, I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil... and I never stopped.
I draw more out of a reflexive impulse than out of an expressive one. As a way of touching or caressing something that I encounter which amazes me, moves me or brings echoes out of me. But I spend long periods without painting... Because, sometimes, what makes me draw is the impossibility of translating the beauty that I see into lived life, of making it a clear something in the world; but when I can do that  I just don't draw.
It is a whole different story, however, when I am drawing for some else.

Q: Which media do you use?
A: Mainly pencils. I can also use watercolors, acrylics, ink and digital media (including simple animations). But I am not very fond of digital art since I don't like being able to do something with a computer that I don't know how to do with my hands.


Q: How can I commission you?
A: Thank you for your interest! I’m constantly opened to commercial commissions workload and personal commissions unless I say otherwise at the main page.

The best way to commission me is to send me an e-mail describing what you would like as clearly as possible so we can discuss the conditions.
I will notify you of whether I accept your request or not.

Q: On what depends you acceptance of the job?
A: It depends:
  1. On my other obligations.
  2. On the kind of work you are asking me for. That is: if I consider myself capable to achieve it with a certain quality and if I consider the topic appropriate.

Q: What’s the price?
A: The price may change depending on the kind of work you want, the media on which you want me to do it and on the time I have for doing it. If I accept your commission I’ll previously let you know the price and the details of the work. In any case, the most practical thing is that you tell me what you want so we can discuss the variables.

Guidelines of the prices for individual comissions:
  • -Simple pencil sketch -- from 5 to 15€ (depending on the complexity of the job)
    -Comic strip(3 - 5 panels) -- 10-15€
    -Comic page --10 – 20€
    -Design of characters and screnaries – from 10€ on
    -Full body character piece or portrait, digitally enhanced lineart, with pencil shading or monochrome or sepia, or simple two-character scene -- 20 – 25€
    -Full colour character art, simple background -- 30 – 40€
    -Compositions with several characters, proper backgrounds, with a more precise illustration intent o incorporating textures – from 45€ on

    -Plain digital colouring -- 5€
    -Elaborated digital colouring (from CS to semi-realist) –from 20€ on
    -Screentones coloring -- from 5€ on
    -Traditional coloring -- from 10€ on (depending on the complexity of the job)

    -Accesory design(shirts, keychains, mugs, mousepads, buttons, etc.) – from 5€ on,/li>
For example, commissioning a drawing like The Kite from me, will be around 50 €: character design ex novo, 3 characters, colour pencils colouring, semi background and digitalization.

Taxes and shipping charges will be added to the price.
If you would like the original pencil sketch or a signed print on decent paper of your digital commission, that’ll be taken into account at the pricing.

Q: How about shipping?
A: You will receive your commission previous payment.
Digital artwork will be sent to you by e-mail or similar in a high quality file of the format of your choice. When it comes to traditional art pieces we should pre-arrange if you want to have the original or a digitalization of it.
Q: Can I use the work you posted here for…?
A: The default answer to this is no.
Much of my artwork is under official copyright licences, so that would be illegal. This means that you can not make profile/blog/web layouts containing my artwork, neither offer my art for download in any form elsewhere online (cellphone wallpapers, desktop wallpapers, buddy icons, blog layouts, etc.) or alter or re-trace any of my art and pretend its your own. Also, if by using my art, you or anyone else would be making money or profit of any kind, realize that that would be illegal unless we previously agreed otherwise (such as when speaking of a commercial commission workload).

Q: What if I’m the commissioner?
A: In that case you can use it for any non-profitable thing you like In any case, all the rights to the image stay with me, which includes the right to be recognized as the artist and use the image for my professional portfolio.

Q: Can I repost work you posted here?
A: I don’t mind if you post my artwork in comments or forums as long as it is properly credited and the image is not edited in any way. Anyhow, it’s convenient that you ask me before doing any of these things just to make sure that you are not using artwork under a hard copyright licence.
Just remember that the ultimate decision whether or not any of my art may be used is mine and only mine.

Q: I found a site that is using your art inappropriately. What should I do?
A: If the person/site admin is easy to contact, I'd appreciate it if you let them know that I have copyright ownership over the images and that I'd appreciate it if they cooperated. If not, it’d be awesome if you could send me a link so that I'd be able to take care of the matter personally.
Q: I'm interested in using some of you work for a commercial use.
A: Please contact me if you want to use our arts for commercial purposes.

Thank you!

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