16 noviembre, 2007


Welcome to the RdT Studio!

This is the art blog of Leticia Cortina, mainly dedicated to illustration works of several kinds and, in smaller amounts, to other creative jobs.
Even when Leticia occasionally works as a freelance illustrator the most of the content that you will find here will be the one done out of the pleasure of being done.

 ♪ Status: Currently closed to elaborated urgent works or anything consisting on a big volume of workload. For everything else, please check the FAQ.

  • About this blog:

The RdT Studio blog was opened as a creative spot  and as a chance for sharing Leticia's work.
- online since: November 2007
- languages avilable: Spanish, English. Acceptable understanding of Italian, Portuguese and Latin.
- hosted by: Blogger
- created with: Blogger, Photshop
- credits: RdT Studio, Blogger
- Navigation: At the side menus you should be able to find anything you need to move through this blog.

Thank you for visiting, please enjoy your stay with me.

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